A Fantastic Opportunity To Watch The Space Station Blaze Over Your House Tonight!

We have a real treat tonight! This evening we get one of the absolute best opportunities to view the International Space Station as we ever get. The International Space Station (ISS) will be visible tonight for a good amount of time and it will be really high in the sky. ISS flyovers are one of my favorite "night sky" events because it moves REALLY fast across the sky. There is just something cool about watching the ISS zoom past your house at an altitude of 249 miles moving at 4.7 miles per SECOND. If you have not had the opportunity to see it, I have to tell you it is amazing sight to see! Let me give you the details...



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Image Courtesy Of NASA


How To View The International Space Station


Tonight we have a really good chance to see the International Space Station go overhead, so let me go through the when and where to so you can be prepared!


When To Look...

The ISS will be visible in our area tonight at 8:05 pm pm on for 5 minutes. 6 minutes is about the max you will see for our area, so this is visible for a while of time.


Where To Look...

At 8:05pm, the ISS will appear about 19 degrees above the horizon in the southwest part of the sky and move toward the northeast. It will set below the horizon in the northeast section of the sky 10 degrees above the horizon. The ISS will reach a peak elevation of 79 degrees above the horizon which is about 2/3rd of the way up the sky. This is a good one.


AdvanceTrak 1



The weather looks like it will cooperate too. Low humidity, mostly clear skies (other than a few cirrus clouds), and amazing temperatures should make viewing absolutely perfect tonight! Notice AdvanceTrak just shows a few thin clouds across the area at 8:05 pm.


AdvanceTrak 3

The ISS will be moving quickly across the sky and would appear as streak if you were to take a long exposure picture. NASA has a great example of what it would look like...


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For people viewing with the naked eye, the ISS will appear as a quick moving star going across the sky and you will notice there are no flashing beacons with it. It is notorious for moving really fast! If you get any pics, don't forget to send them to me. :)




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VIDEO: Historic Flooding In Charleston, SC...

Over 25" of rain has fallen near Charleston, SC causing catastrophic flooding. Record-setting rain led to at least five deaths, damaged structures and shut down roads. This video gives you an idea of what it looks like...


Video Courtesy: Brandon Sullivan



-Rick DeLuca







Weekend Rain Chances & Joaquin's Connection...

Prepare for another cloudy, breezy and cool day with highs only making it into the mid 50's. Keep in mind our average LOW temperature this time of the year is 53 and our average high is 75 degrees. It's safe to say numbers are running way below normal and this will be the coolest high temperature we have felt since April 4th...

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Along with the chill, there are rain chances to discuss. Tropical moisture is peeling off Joaquin and getting pulled into the U.S. by an upper level low to our south. This atmospheric river effect is bringing the worst of the flooding to South Carolina...


We have some showers roaming the area now, but rain chances spike as a steadier rain develops this afternoon and evening for most. The rain shouldn't be terribly heavy so flooding isn't a concern, but it will make for a soggy Saturday. Take a look at future radar and notice the rain spreading in from the south and east... 



Canada Temps


If you were hoping to spend time outdoors this weekend, tomorrow looks much better. The rain moves out and some sunshine returns. Brighter skies means we can finally warm these temperatures back to where they should be in early October. Make sure you tune in with Jeremy on WDRB tonight at 10 as he tracks the rain. Have a nice weekend!



-Rick DeLuca





Video Of The Day: Volcanic Lightning In Patagonia...

A lightning bolt is nature's way of balancing charge distribution. We commonly observe this phenomenon during thunderstorms, but it can also occur during volcanic eruptions! Check out this amazing electric show in Patagonia...


Video Courtesy: THE BESTâ„¢

 Volcanic activity produces lightning-friendly conditions in multiple ways. The enormous quantity of pulverized material and gases ejected into the atmosphere with explosive power, creates a dense plume of highly charged particles, which establishes the perfect conditions for lightning. The ash density and constant motion within the volcanic plume, continually produces electrostatic ionization, resulting in very powerful and very frequent flashes attempting to neutralize itself. Due to the extensive solid material (ash) content, unlike the water rich charge generating zones of a normal thundercloud, it is often called a dirty thunderstorm.



-Rick DeLuca





Weather Blog: Rain Charging In Now

From Jude Redfield (11:05am)...

    A nasty, cool finish to our Friday with damp conditions developing. The rain is overspreading most of Kentucky as we speak. Where it rains temps will stay in the mid 50s. Combine this with gusty winds and we have the making for a raw finish to the week. The best chance for rain is this afternoon and tonight. Expect near an 80% chance of getting wet at some point today or tonight. Most places should end up in a .25" - .5" range with today and tonight's showers.

    Tomorrow keeps the threat for a few showers, but it doesn't look to be an all day washout or anything. Cloudy, breezy and cool weather is the name of the game on Satruday.


    The Cliffs notes version of the forecast below is a pretty good guide to how I think the weekend will play out.

Fantasy football

    Future radar images for this evening show light rain across most of the region. Many high school football games will be damp.



    Don't get too down about damp weather if you aren't a fan...Next week we dry out and return with 80 degree warmth.



UPDATE & VIDEO: Hurricane Joaquin Batters Bahamas...

Very warm water and decreasing vertical shear allowed Joaquin to strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane! It's horrifying to watch this monster move so slowly across the Bahamas. This is what it looked like in the on Crooked Island earlier today...


Video Courtesy: EL TURC_O

BIG changes have been made to the forecast that shifted the track way further east. The EURO computer model has been taking Joaquin out to sea all along, and now the GFS and HWRF joined the party...

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Blog 3

Even with Joaquin staying offshore, tropical moisture gets drawn in by an upper level low. The WPC (Weather Prediction Center) suggests parts of the western Carolinas could see as much as 10 to 20 inches of rainthis weekend! Obviously, flooding is a huge concern out there...


Image Courtesy: NOAA

Make sure you tune into to WDRB tonight as Marc Weinberg discusses our weekend rain chances. 


-Rick DeLuca





Hurricane Joaquin Gaining Strength! It Could Impact the U.S East Coast...

Hurricane Joaquin continues to organize and strengthen as it heads south into the Bahamas. The shortwave ridge causing this motion is expected to weaken during the next 24-48 hours as a strong deep-layer trough develops over the southeastern United States. This is expected to cause the hurricane to turn northward in the coming days...


Where does Joaquin go from there? Well, the GFS model forecast shows Joaquin making a dramatic northwestward turn, slamming it right into the Mid-Atlantic this weekend. The behavior of a low that develops over the Southeast U.S. is a key factor in determining the exact track. The GFS has the low negatively titling allowing Joaquin to get pulled toward the coast. Meanwhile, the EURO model suggests a more progressive pattern sending Joaquin out to sea... 


The National Hurricane Center's official forecast cone is a compromise between the competing scenarios from the GFS and EURO. As you can see, it brings the storm up near the Delmarva Peninsula...

Blog 5

These are only 2 of the MANY computer models we look at before making a forecast. The "spaghetti plots" showcase all of the forecast tracks and a majority of them agree on some sort of impact near the Carolinas. It's difficult to completely ignore the lonely EURO solution considering it's reputation, but for now I'd have to lean with the consensus ... 


With so much uncertainty at this stage in the game, it's tough to say for sure where Joaquin will end up. Keep these key messages from the National Hurricane Center in mind as we try to narrow down the options and iron out the forecast...

1.  Preparations to protect life and property within the warning
areas in the Bahamas should be rushed to completion.

2.  A significant adjustment to the forecast has been made this
afternoon, and this shows an increased threat to the mid-Atlantic
states and the Carolinas.  However, confidence in the details of the
forecast after 72 hours remains low, since we have one normally
excellent model that keeps Joaquin far away from the United States
east coast.   The range of possible outcomes is still large, and
includes the possibility of a major hurricane landfall in the

3.  Every effort is being made to provide the forecast models with
as much data as possible.  The NOAA G-IV jet has begun a series of
missions in the storm environment, and the National Weather Service
is launching extra balloon soundings.

4.  Because landfall, if it occurs, is still more than three days
away, it is too early to talk about specific wind, rain, or surge
impacts from Joaquin in the United States.   Even if Joaquin stays
well out to sea, strong onshore winds will create minor to moderate
coastal flooding along the coasts of the mid-Atlantic and
northeastern states through the weekend.

5.  A hurricane watch for a portion of the U.S. coast could be
required as early as Thursday evening.

6.  Many areas of the eastern U.S. are currently experiencing heavy
rains and gusty winds associated with a frontal system.  This
inclement weather is expected to continue over the next few days,
which could complicate preparations for Joaquin should it head
toward the coast, and greatly exacerbate the impacts from the
hurricane.  Heavy rains are likely to continue over these areas
even if the center of Joaquin stays out to sea.

Marc Weinberg will be on WDRB with updates regarding Joaquin and talk about how it could impact weekend plans. Have a good night!


-Rick DeLuca





VIDEO: Naples Florida Slammed By Spout


Tornado - Workers on a Naples high rise captured interesting video of a waterspout coming ashore Tuesday morning.

YouTube video via Breaking News

WDRB Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell

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Potential for Beneficial Rains Increasing.

After weeks of drought conditions, beneficial rains appear to be in store for much of the area tomorrow.  

We are tracking a pair of systems.  The first is an area of upper low pressure located along the Gulf Coast.   The second is a cold front currently located across the Northern Plains and Great Lakes.

At temps1

These two systems will interact over portions of the Ohio Valley tomorrow bringing that potential for some much needed soaking rains. 

So how much are we talking about?  

Let's take a look at the latest suite of model data...

Rainfall projection4

Rainfall projection

Rainfall projection2

Rainfall projection3

So what do I think?  

This data is encouraging.  We have seen models slowly increasing totals for the last couple of days and I think that an inch or even up to two will be possible in a few areas.  

Right now it looks like areas along and south of the river will see highest chances for catching those higher totals.

However, not everyone will see these types of totals.  In fact, rainfall may be quite a bit less for our Southern Indiana counties where some places could pick up less than a quarter inch.  

I'll have a complete update  on the timing and totals for this system coming up tonight on WDRB News at 10.

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Weather Blog: Soaking Rain On The Way

From Jude Redfield...

    Beneficial rain will help to put a dent in the drought for some late tonight and then continue on and off through Tuesday night. Current projections indicate some spots getting over an inch. Amounts over 1" are NOT expected for the entire viewing area however. Many locations will at least end up with a solid .25" - .5"  The heaviest rain bands are most likely to develop across portions of Kentucky.

    Rain will be on and off Tuesday with isolated storms mixed in the outlook as well. Both the morning and evening commute have a fair chance at being damp and sloppy. The cold front delivering the rain also drops the cool air hammer on us from Wednesday into the weekend.